Company| Core Strength

High Quality Products Used by Leading Consumer Brands
FajarPaper’s products are used in many industries such as food and beverage, household goods and personal care, electronics, footware, automotive, toys, and others, serving big corporations and multinational companies including Unilever, Indofood, Nestle, Mayora, Garuda Food, Kao, Samsung, LG and many other consumer goods companies.

Dominant Domestic Market Presence
FajarPaper is the second largest paper packaging manufacturer in Indonesia, which focuses on the packaging paper manufacturing and does not have downstream activities in box-making. FajarPaper also has long-term relationships with customers averaging for more than 10 years.

Green Company Concept Resulting in Low-cost Production
FajarPaper is only using 100% recycled paper (waste paper) as raw material, while the energy needs are fulfilled by using 3 self-owned power plants. Solid wastes are burnt to produce steam energy for production, and on top of that FajarPaper recycled and reuse 80% of the water used in the production process.

Experienced Management with a Proven Track Record in Paper Industry
FajarPaper’s management team consists of seasoned professionals in the paper industry, with a combined of experiences and future vision of the industry.

Long-standing and Trustworthy Relationships with Stakeholders
Relationships with customers, suppliers, bankers, employees and other stakeholders are valued and mostly are beyond 10 years of relationship, providing solid foundation for future growth.

Healthy Financial and Well Funded Growth Plans
From time to time FajarPaper maintain healthy financial condition, which provides production capacity expansion and financing access. This means, FajarPaper is keeping up with the market demand.