"Fajar Paper Uses 100% recycled
       paper for all of its raw
            material requirements"

CSR| Overview

Concerns For Environments

FajarPaper is committed to the surrounding community and environment to operate in responsible and sustainable way. We help to clean up the environment by recycling waste paper into packaging paper. Everyday, waste paper collectors send the waste paper /recycled paper into FajarPaper mill. FajarPaper uses around 2,000 tons of recycled paper daily. By using recycled paper as the major raw material. More than 500 trucks of recycled paper are delivered to the mill everyday. By using recycled paper, avoids the destruction of forest cover amidst rising concerns over global warming. While indirectly helping to reduce waste in landfills, the Company also directly creates value: by providing a source of income among local collectors and local community.

FajarPaper as one of the major users of recycled paper in Indonesia, in the sense, contributes to reduce poverty, increase employment and reduce crimes in the surrounding communities by purchasing recycled paper from the waste paper collectors.


FajarPaper carries out a range of activities to contribute to the people and communities of which we are a part. Programmes include:

  • Donation for Hari Raya Idul Adha and Idul Fitri for the surrounding community
  • Donation for the welfare of orphans
  • Circumcision for surrounding villages for 160 kids
  • Donation in the form of stationary for students at the surrounding schools
  • Student scholarships for employee's children
  • Blood donation by employees
  • Donation for less privileged families

Other than regular activities, FajarPaper also took part in :

  • Donation for Tsunami victims in Aceh.
  • HSBC housing rebuilt program in Yogyakarta
  • Standard Chartered "Care for the Blind" program