OPERATIONS| Production

FajarPaper is a leading packaging paper manufacturer in Indonesia with an installed capacity of 1,300,000 metric tons per year and a range of products which include linerboard and corrugated medium paper for cartonbox packaging and coated duplex board for display packaging.

Running with current 6 paper machines, Fajar Paper produces around 1.3 million tons of packaging papers per year ranging from Coated Duplex Board, Kraft Liner Board and Corrugated Medium Paper.

Paper Machine Year Built Capacity (ton/year) Products




150,000 http://www.fajarpaper.com/include/imageRead.php?file=/product/fajar_duplax.gif
PM2 1989 150,000
PM3 1995 150,000
PM7 2006 300,000
PM5 2010 250,000
Total   1,000,000  
PM8 2017 300,000
Total   1,300,000