OPERATIONS| Production Facilities


FajarPaper is running six paper machines for packaging paper productions supported by the following facilities:

Self-generated Electricity

Fajar Paper owns 2 on-site General Electric cogeneration power plants, coupled with Heat Recovery System Generators (HRSG), capable of generating around 70 MW and around 220 ton of steam per hour. In addition to that, Fajar Paper has recently installed its third cogeneration power plant, capable of producing 55 MWh or 220 ton of steam/hour.




Fajar Paper uses two incinerators to burn paper sludge and solid waste, which come out from the paper production process, as rejects. The excess waste heat from incinerations is transformed into steams. Total capacity of 2 incinerators is around 250 Bone-Dry Ton per day.



Water Treatments

Fajar Paper owns a wastewater treatment system that enables it to treat the effluent from the paper machines to a certain level, as required by the regulations, to be discharged to Cikarang Bekasi Laut (CBL), a cannal that carries effluent from industrial users in Cikarang, Bekasi area to the sea. Current capacity of the water treatments is around 68,000 m3 per day.