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Coated Duplex Board
Our Finished Product
Fajar Duplex

Fajar Board is a paperboard with a white, glossy-coated, top layer finish and a grey bottom layer. Fajar board is ideal for light-weight packaging materials that require high quality printing, particularly effective for pharmaceutical products, shoes, household goods, processed foods and consumer electronics. Fajar Board is particularly suitable for cartoning machine due to its high stiffness compare. Fajar Board is a 100% recycled fiber based paperboard which consists of 5 layers of recycled paper and coating on top side. The coated side is particularly suitable for printing on high speed offset machine and varnishing.

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Our Finished Product
Fajar Liner

High quality brown packaging paper used for the outer layers of corrugated sheets. It provides effective protection for contents and a smooth surface that facilitates high quality printing. Made from 100% recycled paper.

Fajar Medium

High performance fluting paper used in the construction of carton boxes. It is made from 100% recycled paper. It superb characteristics provide good protection during transportation and for use in display stacks. The combination of FajarLiner and FajarMedium ensures excellent runnability on corrugator machines.

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