Career Opportunities

FajarPaper offers a unique opportunity for any qualified individual to join our dedicated team members, and to grow together with the Company. Individual who is a team player, and who values integrity, as well as commitment, is most welcomed to be a part of the Company. At FajarPaper, a new member is given the opportunity to unlock his/her full potential, and is encouraged to do his/her best. Trainings and knowledge transfers are some of our means to enhance new member’s capabilities and potentials.


Fresh Graduate

A fresh graduate is a person that has just recently graduated.



Wise or skillful in a particular field through experience.



Possessing special skill or knowledge, trained by practice, skillful or skilled.

Working at FajarPaper

FajarPaper’s main philosophy on human resources is to provide a good and supportive working environment where employees can work together comfortably as a team and grow with the company. It also promotes good communication and understanding between managerial and staff levels. Long-term employment and job security are important factors to develop mutual trust.


Knowledge transfer and periodic development program for the employees are done continuously to enhance employee’s expertise. Training (both in-house and through courses conducted by outside organizations, outing, and on-job training) is part of the employee development program.

  • Enhance employee’s expertise,
  • Training through courses.
  • Periodic development.
Selected staff

Selected staffs might be given the opportunity to learn from overseas machinery suppliers and paper mills, and to attend paper industry’s seminars and exhibitions, in order to gain more and up-to-date knowledge in production method and technology advances.

How to Apply

You can apply online form and submit for the posts we listed here!

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