Bekasi, March 03, 2023 – PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FajarPaper), a leading packaging paper manufacturer and member of SCGP in Indonesia, provided 500 food packages for orphans through an activity initiated by the PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk labor union. The donation provided by the company consisted of 1,250 kg of rice, 500 liters of cooking oil, 250 kg of sugar, 1,500 packs of instant noodles, 500 boxes of tea bags, and 500 bottles of 70 ml soy sauce. ​​​​​​

Mr. Kurniawan as Industrial Relations & CSR Manager of FajarPaper gave donations to representatives of orphans.

In addition to assistance from the company, both from labor unions, cooperatives and most of the FajarPaper employees collected money to set aside food so that the donations increased in variety and quantity to 800 packages.  The additional donation consisted of 750 kg of rice, 450 kg of sugar, 2,000 instant noodles, 200 pcs of milk, 100 pcs of wafers and 100 pcs of syrup. The symbolic handover of the donations was carried out on Friday, March 31, 2023 at the Riyadhus Solihin Mosque, then the distribution was held in several locations such as Kalijaya Village, Bojong Village, Cibitung and others on April 03 to 04, 2023.

Kurniawan as Industrial Relations & CSR Manager said, “It is an honor to be present at today’s event, which is an iftar together and providing donations in the month of Ramadan 1444 H. In some of its activities, the company always collaborates, both with trade unions and cooperatives like today. Hopefully the donations given today will be useful and hopefully in the following year the company can provide even better.”

Usman Sopandi as the Chairperson of the PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk. Workers Union said, “Today’s donations and iftar were initiated by fellow of the labor union with support from the company and also fellow workers from FajarPaper. Hopefully in this good month, we are all always given health, and also hopefully the company can be more advanced and victorious with thousands of employees who depend on their lives by working at PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk.”

Photo with the FajarPaper management representatives, FajarPaper Labor Union, KKSA Management, and DKM Riyadhus Solihin Mosque

Dadang Komara as Chairman of the Surya Abadi Employee Cooperative (KKSA) said, “Small or big events are very relative, but the desire to share that can provide important and useful benefits for everyone. Hopefully the younger siblings remain enthusiastic and become devoted, soleh and solehah children, and we all hope that in the future they can become successful people.”

Ust. Sunardi as the Head of DKM Riyadhus Solihin Mosque said, “Thank you FajarPaper for the donations given to our beloved children, hopefully this will become a blessing and also have a positive impact on everyone. Hopefully FajarPaper employees will also be healthy and the company will be victorious.”

In addition to social care assistance, FajarPaper continues to support CSR programs from several other fields such as improving education in Indonesia by renovating schools, providing scholarships and also other fields such as social, community empowerment with circular economy and environmental programs through the GEMARI BUMITANIK program (Independent community movement through maggot cultivation, fish, and hydroponic plants) by using organic waste from household waste as maggot feed, and also other programs.