Bekasi, April 13, 2023PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FajarPaper), a leading packaging paper manufacturer and member of SCGP in Indonesia, provided zakat to 1,500 residents and 15 mosques in Kalijaya, Harjamekar and Telaga Murni Villages (13/4). The donation includes 7,500 kg of rice, 1,500 food packages consisting of oil, sugar, instant noodles, tea bags and soy sauce as well as alms donation.

The handover of zakat was symbolically carried out by Mr. Jefri as HR Strategic & Business Partner General Manager of FajarPaper to the residents accompanied by The Head of Kalijaya Community Affairs (KAUR KESRA).

Approaching Eid al-Fitr, many prices of foodstuffs have risen, making it difficult for residents to fulfill their daily needs. Therefore, FajarPaper consistently provides assistance through the company’s CSR program that has been running for a long time. This year, FajarPaper again collaborated with the Kalijaya Village government in distributing the zakat donation.

Endin Syafiuddin as the Head of Community Affairs (KAUR KESRA) representing the Head of Kalijaya Village who could not attend said, ” From the Village Government of Kalijaya, we would like to thank FajarPaper both for the entire board of directors and employees. This is proof of the consistency of FajarPaper to help the residents of Kalijaya Village and this activity has become routine from year to year. This year in this Holy Month of Ramadhan 1444 H the distribution of zakat donation was re-held in Kalijaya Village. Hopefully FajarPaper will be more successful, victorious and more prosperous for all its employees.”

UU Dhia Uddin as the Harjamekar Village community figure representing RT 09 in Tanah Baru Village said, “I represent DKM Istiqomah Mosque and also RT 09 RW 04 in Tanah Baru, Harjamekar would like to thank FajarPaper for the zakat donation this year. The donation we received was enough to fulfill the needs of the residents, where our residents are adjacent to FajarPaper. Hopefully in the future this kind of program will continue to exist and if possible be increased again in terms of quantity.”

Wasid Jayadi as the Head of RT 003 RW 011 in Telaga Murni Village said, “Thank you to PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk. For providing zakat donation to our residents. Hopefully FajarPaper will be more successful, growing and always giving positive things to the community around the company.”

One of the villagers who received zakat

Jefri D. Tambunan as HR Strategic & Business Partner General Manager of PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk, “Today FajarPaper provides 1,300 zakat packages donation that will be distributed in Kalijaya Village, 200 other packages will be given through RT in Harjamekar Village and Telaga Murni Village. In addition to the 1,500 zakat packages, we also distributed zakat rice through 15 mosques around the company to be distributed to residents who are entitled to need it. Hopefully the donation that we provide can be useful for the community and this is our annual program as a form of our corporate social responsibility to the surrounding environment. We hope that with the help of the Kalijaya Village government today’s event can run orderly and smoothly”.

Rasman as Chemical Warehouse Employee, and also a representative of the CSR distribution team who is part of the PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk. Workers Union gave a response regarding this year’s zakat program, ” On behalf of FajarPaper company employees, we would like to thank the management and also the board of directors, we feel proud and also happy that the company can share with the surrounding community, which includes orphans, the poor and underprivileged residents. Hopefully this social activity will be a blessing for the glory, progress and sustainability of FajarPaper. FajarPaper is victorious! Employees and the community prosper.”


Photo with ESG team

Victoria Sitorus is one of the residents of RT 02 RW 07 in Sub-village 3 gave a response to FajarPaper as the organizer of the 1444 H zakat event, “I thank to FajarPaper for the donation which is very helpful for us, hopefully FajarPaper will be better, progress, develop and be the best in everything” she said.

In addition to religious social assistance, there are also community empowerment programs with circular economy and environmental programs through the GEMARI BUMITANIK program (Independent community movement through maggot cultivation, fish, and hydroponic plants) by using organic waste from household waste as maggot feed. On the other hand FajarPaper continues to support CSR programs from several other fields such as improving education in Indonesia by renovating schools, providing stationery packages, scholarships and also other programs.