Bekasi, April 12th 2023 – PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FajarPaper), a leading packaging paper manufacturer and member of SCGP in Indonesia, collaborated with DAAI TV (Televisi Cinta Kasih) in the “Ramadhan Berbagi Cinta Kasih Program”. FajarPaper participated by providing iftar meals to 1,000 orphans and dhuafa children from 10 orphanages in Jakarta and Parung, Bogor Regency. The event took place from 03 to 12 April 2023 and in the last activity which took place at the Istana Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Baitul Qurro Parung, Bogor Regency (12/4), FajarPaper represented by Jefri D. Tambunan (HR Stategic & Business Partner General Manager) and the CSR team were present to meet directly with the orphans while also having iftar together and handing over 50 packages of stationery for the orphans and souvenirs for Mrs. Ayya as the orphanage caretaker.

Handover of stationery and mementos for Istana Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Baitul Qurro by Bpk. Jefri together with DAAI representatives.

Istana Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Baitul Qurro is known to run by Mrs. Ayya who continues her parents’ teachings from a long time ago about the importance of learning the Al-Quran in recitation. Then the message of sharing kindness is continued by Mrs. Ayya to the children who are in the orphanage. Some of the children are known to have dropped out of school, and need guidance to learn and grow. For this reason, not only religious lessons are given by the coach or other volunteer teachers who are teaching there, but other lessons such as English, math, calistung (reading writing counting) are also given to the orphanage children. Besides children who are aged to study, there are also children who are still 1 year old but have no father, so the orphanage caretaker guides their mothers to be able to learn and join MSMEs in the orphanage such as making fans, hats, containers or other crafts made of woven bamboo.

Session with FajarPaper, DAAI TV representatives, and children from Istana Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Baitul Qurro

Ayya Susi Damayanti (Mrs. Ayya) as the Caretaker of Istana Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Baitul Qurro said, “This orphanage is already considered a second home, many children who cannot continue their formal education and most of them sometimes want to give up and quit because they cannot pay their school fees, apart from other difficulties felt by each child because they still need a parent figure to lean on. We are very grateful and thankful for the collaboration between FajarPaper and DAAI TV at today’s event, we always pray that FajarPaper can be more advanced, successful and victorious.”

Dwi Hartadi Kertiyasa as Brand Manager of DAAI TV and as the originator of the Ramadhan Bebagi Cinta Kasih activity said, “I see that lately many MSMEs merchandise are not selling well, which is the impact of the increase of food prices, for that I have an idea of how to combine the goodness of sharing using art. Starting from the criteria for selecting orphanages that have inspirational value and also clear identities such as activities and active and registered orphans. We from DAAI TV see today’s event as extraordinary, we also thank and appreciate FajarPaper which I know the location of the company in the Cibitung area, Bekasi Regency but is willing to come to the event held in Parung, Bogor Regency today and collaborate with us in providing 1,000 iftar meals for orphans and poor people.”

Symbolically, handover of iftar food and stationery for Istana Yatim Piatu dan Dhuafa Baitul Qurro.

Jefri D. Tambunan as HR Stategic & Business Partner General Manager of PT Fajar Surya Wisesa, Tbk, introduced FajarPaper as a packaging paper company whose raw material is recycled paper and gave an explanation of the importance of protecting the environment, especially our homes to be clean while learning to sort waste properly, “We must learn to sort waste properly, younger siblings, because protecting the environment is not only for cleanliness but also for the health of all of us, even FajarPaper also uses paper waste to be recycled into packaging paper such as brown cardboard material that you usually see. And also in this good month full of grace, we must multiply kindness. Hopefully the stationery package that we provide can be useful and today’s iftar event can spread love according to the purpose of the DAAI TV program and bring goodness to all of us”.

In addition to the social assistance above, there are also community empowerment programs with circular economy and environmental programs through the GEMARI BUMITANIK program (Movement of independent communities through maggot cultivation, fish, and hydroponic plants) by using organic waste from household waste as maggot feed. On the other hand FajarPaper continues to support CSR programs from several other fields such as improving education in Indonesia by renovating schools, providing stationery packages, scholarships and also other programs.