Bekasi, 7 June 2023PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FajarPaper), a leading packaging paper manufacturer and member of SCGP in Indonesia, held an counseling program entitled FajarPaper Health Talk: Stunting Prevention Efforts for Toddlers in Kalijaya Village, West Cikarang on June 7, 2023 at the Kalijaya Village Office Hall. FajarPaper shows its concern in the social aspect through the CSR program to prevent growth problems in toddlers (under five years old), known as stunting, by providing further understanding of stunting, nutrition and healthy eating patterns for children.

Speakers, Head of UPTD PP Region V, Head of TP PKK Kalijaya Village, and representatives from FajarPaper management

Stunting, as quoted in Presidential Regulation No. 72 of 2021, is a growth and development problem due to chronic malnutrition and recurrent infections, characterized by length or height below the standards set by the minister who organizes government affairs in the health sector. FajarPaper Health Talk Program: Stunting Prevention Efforts for Toddlers was attended by 50 mothers and 50 toddlers, as well as several representatives of Kalijaya Village Integrated Service Post (Posyandu) Cadres. This program also supports the national target of reducing stunting in Indonesia by providing training in preventing stunting.

​​​​​Drs. Nende Arif Iskandar as the Head of UPTD PP Region V (Kec. Cikarang Barat – Setu) said “This program is the first time we can work together with FajarPaper to prevent stunting in Kalijaya Village. We see that the residents are welcome to this event because there are lot of mothers who attend. FajarPaper’s program that raises the issue of stunting helps residents to recognize and understand how to prevent stunting. Hopefully FajarPaper will be more successful and can continue to help residents in raising awareness of health.”


Together with the speakers, Leader of TP PKK Kalijaya Village, Head of UPTD PP Region V, and FajarPaper management representatives.

Erna Wahyu Wulandari as the Leader of the Family Welfare Empowerment Team (TP PKK) of Kalijaya Village, West Cikarang said “We are happy with the stunting counseling program that has been held in Kalijaya Village by FajarPaper. We positively welcome this program and thank to the company for caring about the residents around the company environment, especially regarding health. Hopefully the insights from the program will help our mothers to pay more attention to the nutrition of their children’s food to prevent stunting.”

​​​​​​​FajarPaper Health Talk Program: Stunting Prevention Efforts for Toddlers consists of two sessions, which are explanation and prevention of stunting from the Family Planning Control Office (DPPKB) and explanation of stunting, nutrition, and a healthy diet for children by doctors and nutritionists from Bunda Mulia Hospital.

dr. Eka Saputri as a representative from Bunda Mulia Hospital said “This program is not only good for educating residents regarding stunting and nutrition, but also introducing residents to FajarPaper. The enthusiasm of the participants can also be seen from the number of mothers who are interested in asking questions. The existence of this program can accommodate the curiosity of mothers who have children under five about stunting and what to do to prevent it.”



Joko Budi Santoso as the management representative of PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FajarPaper) said “Stunting has now become a global problem and is one of the public health challenges that we need to fight together to overcome. Aware of this, FajarPaper in collaboration with hospitals and villages organized the FajarPaper Health Talk program for Kalijaya Village residents who have toddlers, in order to prevent children from having growth problems or stunting. By holding this program, hopefully we can contribute to prevent stunting, so that every child can grow and develop well into a strong and smart generation.”


One of the participants of FajarPaper Health Talk Program: Stunting Prevention Efforts for Toddlers, Mrs. Iin Inayah expressed that the program about stunting and nutrition was held for the first time in Kalijaya Village. She admitted that she was happy with the stunting counseling program organized by FajarPaper. This is because the counseling presented helped her understand the types of food that must be given to children in their growth period, and be more careful in maintaining the child’s diet.