Bekasi, May 17, 2023PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FajarPaper), a leading producer of packaging paper made from recycled paper raw materials and a member of SCGP in Indonesia, is realizing its commitment to nurture the environment by providing 1 (one) unit of dump vehicle to the River Healing Base (REHAB) Cikarang community. REHAB Cikarang is a community engaged in maintaining cleanliness and river ecosystems, in line with FajarPaper’s commitment to realizing a sustainable environment.

Demonstrasi dan penjelasan pengolahan sampah plastik menjadi paving block oleh Bpk. Ucok (relawan REHAB)

FajarPaper CSR Team and PUK SP KEP SPSI PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk, participated in some activities held in Cikarang Watershed (DAS) in order to commemorate National Awakening Day 2023 with REHAB Cikarang which was also attended by representatives of the Bekasi Regency Environmental Department (DLH) and West Cikarang Subdistrict. This series of activities included a demonstration of plastic waste recycling, the handover of 1 (one) unit of dumpster vehicle, river cleanup activities, tree planting on the edge of the Cikarang watershed, and fish seed stocking.

There was also a segment dedicated to demonstrating the recycling of domestic plastic waste. Ucok, as one of REHAB Cikarang’s volunteers, explained and demonstrated the process of processing domestic plastic waste that has no economic value into paving blocks. Paving blocks made from plastic waste have advantages such as being strong, lightweight, and not mossy. The process of recycling plastic waste begins with sorting household plastic waste that is not coated with aluminum foil, such as plastic snack packs, instant noodles, and packaged beverage packs. In the process of making paving blocks, simple tools that are also made from household waste are used, such as plastic waste melting containers from rice cooker pans, molds from used iron, and water containers from used barrels.

Luluk Ika as a representative of the Bekasi District Environmental Agency (DLH) said “From the Environmental Agency, we are grateful and support the dump vehicle assistance from FajarPaper CSR because it will be able to help us educate citizens to dispose garbage in the right place.”

Photo of Submission of Garbage Trash Vehicle by Mr. Joko (representative of PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk) to Mr. Yahya (Chairman of REHAB) was accompanied by representatives of SPSI FajarPaper, DLH, and REHAB volunteers

” We are fully support the environmental conservation programs, especially the conservation of Cikarang watershed. The problem that we encounter in this watershed, which is located in Bekasi Regency, is the lack of a sense of ownership/concern for the existence and benefits of the river from local residents and awareness not to litter in the river. Our hope is to provide a clean river legacy to the next generation.” Luluk continued.

M. Fauzan as the Economic and Development Staff (Ekbang) of West Cikarang Subdistrict said ” We, from Cikarang Subdistrict, are grateful for the river cleanup program and the handover of dump vehicle assistance from FajarPaper. We hope that what we have done today and the assistance provided can be useful for the surrounding community and also the sustainability of our environment in the future. We urge the community to be more orderly and organized in recycling waste, and help keep the environment clean.”

M. Yahya as Chairman of REHAB Cikarang said “After 4 years of our journey in caring for the river in Bekasi Regency and its banks, we would like to thank the synergy and support from related agencies. We are grateful to FajarPaper for providing a dump vehicle unit. The vehicle helps us move to take care of the river by transporting garbage along the riverbanks.”

Spreading fish seeds by Mr. Joko (representative of PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk) and Ms. Luluk Ika (representative of the Bekasi Regency Environmental Service (DLH))

Joko Budi Santoso as Industrial Relations & Government Liaison Supervisor of FajarPaper said “Today’s activity provides education regarding the importance of processing waste that has no economic value into useful goods and caring for the river. FajarPaper continues to support this educational activity because it is also beneficial for residents on the riverbanks not to throw garbage in the river, and can sort economic and non-economic waste that can be utilized. The handover of 1 (one) dump vehicle is also a form of FajarPaper’s concern for the community and participation in caring for the environment, especially the Cikarang river. We hope that this vehicle can be of more use to the community so that public awareness will arise to dispose of waste in its place.”

FajarPaper, which has 3,000 employees and 30% of its production is exported to foreign countries, is always committed to supporting Indonesia’s progress through various corporate CSR activities in the fields of economy, health, infrastructure, education, and the environment. In the field of Education, FajarPaper has participated in various school renovation programs, provided writing aids and scholarships, and also in other fields such as social, community empowerment with circular economy and environmental programs through the GEMARI BUMITANIK program (Independent community movement through the cultivation of maggot, fish and hydroponic plants) by using organic waste from household waste as maggot feed, as well as other programs.